Sec. 22-34. - Light Industrial Zone (I-1).
(a) Purpose. The purpose of this district is to provide for industrial and related uses with limited objectionable external effects in areas that are suitable for such operations due to the desirability of site characteristics, adequacy of utilities, appropriateness of transportation facilities and other factors. Acceptable manufacturing, warehousing, heavy commercial and similar uses are encouraged. Uses in the district may perform a support role for uses in other industrial areas.

(b) Basic use standards. Uses in an I-1 zone must meet the requirements of this section. More restrictive requirements, set forth in accordance with other provisions of this chapter, must be satisfied by some conditional uses.
(1)Lot size.
a.The minimum lot width shall be one hundred (100) feet.
b.The minimum lot depth shall be one hundred (100) feet.
(2)Yards. The minimum yard depth for portions of the property abutting a public right-of-way or nonindustrial district will be fifteen (15) feet.

(c)Other applicable use standards.
(1)Site plan review shall be required for uses which have buildings with more than four thousand (4,000) square feet of floor area.
(2)Accessory buildings shall comply with all yard, lot coverage and building height requirements of this chapter.
(3)Every lot shall abut a street other than an alley for at least fifty (50) feet.
(4)Materials or objects which would detract from the open space character of an uncovered or unenclosed area will not be permitted in such an area.
(5)All uses will comply with applicable access, parking and loading standards in sections 22-60 and 22-61.
(6)Conditional uses will meet the requirements in sections 22-74 through 22-86.
(7)Signs will comply with standards referred to in section 22-55.
(8)All other applicable ordinance requirements will also be satisfied.

(Ord. No. H-186, § 30-36, 6-15-81; Ord. No. H-245, § 1, 12-20-82; Ord. No. I-26, § 4, 8-15-83; Ord. No. K-24, § 14, 8-21-00; Ord. No. L-04, § 1, 3-3-08; Ord. No. L-97, § 4, 11-16-09; Ord. No. L-267, § 2, 11-5-12; Ord. No. L-295, § 17, 11-4-13)

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​​​6.2 Acres

0000 Pleasant Acres Road

Ft Pierce, FL  34982

Approved Site Plan

      Warehouse 58,682 sqft

      Office 39,120 sqft

​Build to suit your needs

The largest available undeveloped land in the area

Sub-Dividable into .25 acre lots

​Lot 382' Width X 824' Depth

​Owner Financing Available

AVAILABLE NOW FOR $1,369,000.00